Main Charachters of Fairy Tail Manga

Main Characters of the Fairy Tail Manga

When the maker of the Fairy Tail Manga series, Hiro Mashima, was asked what inspired him to create a complex universe for his characters, he referenced J. R. R Tolkien and Akita Toriyama his fellow manga artist famous for Dragon Ball Z, as his sources of inspiration. He also disclosed that most of his characters were modeled after his family and childhood friends.  For instance, Natsu Dragneel, the protagonist who has motion sickness, was based on his childhood friend that always felt sick during road trips. Let’s peep into these characters.

Natsu Dragneel of Fairy Tail Manga

Natsu Dragneel needs no introduction. He is a trained dragon slayer and a mage in the Fairy Tail guild who was brought up by the dragon Dragneel. He also happens to be a younger brother to Zeref, who allegedly died about 400 years ago and reincarnated as E. N. D., or Etherious, one of the dark mage’s most powerful demons. Natsu has the physiology and attributes of a dragon and is, therefore, immune to fire and rather uses it to fuel his magic.


Happy, or Happi, is Natsu’s best friend and traveling companion. He is a talking fairy-tail-is-a-japanese-manga-series-written-and-illustrated-by-hiro-mashimaand walking blue cat who was hatched from an egg Natsu and his friend Lisanna Straus found.

Besides being an adorable and supportive character, Happy also possesses magical powers like Natsu. Aera, his aerial magic, allows him to grow wings on his back and fly speedily. He is the only form of transport that doesn’t make Natsu feel sick and is often seen carrying the dragon slayer in the series.

Lucy Heartfilia of Fairy Tail Manga

Lucy Heartfilia, the 17-year-old female protagonist of the series, is a celestial mage who uses magical keys to call upon Zodiac spirits. She fled her rich and influential family to pursue her dreams of being an important mage. Along the line, she met Natsu who acquainted her with Fairy Tail. Of the 12 celestial spirit gate keys, Lucy owns 10 which she can call at will giving her the ability to wear the powerful Star Dress.

Gray Fullbuster of Fairy Tail Manga

18-year-old Gray Fullbuster is a wizard who specializes in Ice Molding Magic or the magic Ice Make. Apart from freezing his rival, Natsu, he also uses his magic to make weapons and other objects from ice. Although he may seem more composed and mature than his fellow members of the Fairy Tail guild, he exhibits an annoying routine of undressing without warning and without even having an inkling of what he is doing, allowing for some amusing scenes. With the rate at which Fairy Tail Manga series sells, one would wonder how Mashima is able to create new chapters every week. His increasing fan base, however, is not worried and neither are they complaining.


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Solar Powered Generator – Things to Know Before Buying One

The typical solar powered generator will produce just about enough electricity for you to be able to power household appliances and devices for quite a few hours at a time. However, there are more powerful systems that will allow continuous use and are expandable; so they allow you to add more solar panels in order to increase the energy production capabilities. The main function of a solar powered generator is to amass the radiation from the sun, run it through an inverter for processing to generate AC output, and then capture the created energy is a deep-cycle battery setup. In order to make this process possible, a solar generator setup usually consists of some of these components;

  • Solar panels or modules
  • Batteries (1 or more), usually deep cycle
  • Power inverter
  • Smart battery charger
  • DC inverter fuse and cable install kit
  • Solar controller
  • Output cables
  • Pre-wired transfer switch
  • Inverter remote
  • Mounting hardware

While some models do not include every component listed above, the list is an optimal feature set required for a solar powered generator to be regarded as well-equipped. In addition to the main components, there are other extra features that differ largely based on the model.

If you come across a solar generator model that has all the extra features listed below, then it would be a perfect choice, on the proviso that it meets your wattage requirements. The availability of these extras is the major distinguishing factor between one solar generator system and another.

Extra Features

  • USB charging outlets
  • Solar panel stands or Tripods
  • Silent operation
  • Carrying case
  • Ability to charge from a car charger or wall outlet
  • Continuous duty rating
  • Expandability
  • Easy adjustment of panels
  • Power inverter remote control

Taking the above features into consideration gives you a better knowledge and prepares you for making an informed decision about the type of solar generator to settle for. Also, make sure that you have noted the overall quality of the materials used in making each component, then check out solar generator reviews to see if there are any complaints about durability or functionality of those components.

Carrying out an individual research on each component so as to make a decision on the ones you’d prefer will help prepare you for when it’s time to shop around. Learning about the above components should make you knowledgeable enough about solar generator systems to make a decision based on sufficient knowledge.